“Shreya is deeply curious and dedicated to the art and craft of acting.  Shreya has a wonderful spontaneous quality to her acting. There is a sense of joy and lightness lifting everything she does. She comes prepared, takes notes well, and is capable of integrating the notes into her acting. Shreya also comes to this industry with experience in many fields – as an actor, on-camera host, writer, director, producer, and contributor to many projects. She has also created her own projects on social justice issues. Because of this, she has a concept and view of the bigger picture and the role of the artist in it.  She is self-motived, focused, and ambitious in the best sense of the word.”

Rena Polley, Co-founder, Michael Chekhov Canada /Artistic Director, The Chekhov Collective

“I’ve had the utmost pleasure to direct Shreya Patel in my 2017 film “Vivid” produced by Canon Canada. She had been on my radar for quite some time and this was the perfect opportunity to let her shine. The core subject matter hinged on mental health. And while the film displayed style and technological range, it was Shreya who stole the show. By the commitment to her craft, the palpability of her performance that brought to life that were once just rough ideas on my sketchbook. I’ve since been following Shreya as she carves a path for herself as a well-rounded talent both in front and behind the camera. A true talent with a positive vibe to be around during those long hours on set. I cannot wait to see what she does next.”


Franics Luta, Film Director

“Shreya is a remarkable young person whose work as a mental health advocate and filmmaker has played an important role in reducing the stigma around mental illness and in creating positive change for Canadians living with mental illness. In addition to her role as a Friend of Bell Let’s Talk, Shreya brings her mental health advocacy into her work as a filmmaker. She has leveraged her art to help raise awareness for many important causes including human trafficking, mental health, and human resiliency in the face of COVID-19.”


Mary Deacon, Chair, Bell Let’s Talk

“I had the pleasure of being directed by Shreya Patel in a music video. The video was supposed to encapsulate different forms of freedom, which is a very inviting, but slippery subject. Freedom. So loose. Shreya worked right from the initial meeting to help me pin down what my then ideas related to freedom were; she had the sensitivity and awareness to understand that freedom is a shifting concept, and never tried to make me fit into an expression of freedom that I wasn’t actually experiencing at the moment. She was extremely collaborative and consistently strove to tease my beliefs out of me (I Hermit crab a bit with more personal ideas,) and to find a way to represent them in the music video in a way that made me feel heard, seen, and felt.”

Jim Sarbh, Bollywood Actor

“Shreya is an award-winning and impact-driven documentary filmmaker, actress, and mental health advocate. Her willingness to take on difficult subject matters and put in years of research for her documentaries like Girl Up which sheds light on domestic Human Trafficking in Canada has impressed me.”


Rhonelle Burder, PhD, Founder & Executive Director, Project iRISE